Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Perfect Baked Potato

OK, after this I have to shut up about the BaconSalt. But seriously--buy some.

baked potatoes with Smart Balance Light, Light Sour Cream, Sharp Cheddar, and BACON SALT

Dinner Monday night was simple enough--steamed broccoli, and baked potatoes with Smart Balance Light, Light sour cream, a sprinkling of sharp cheddar...sounds kind of "blah," huh? Well, maybe--until you add the SECRET INGREDIENT.
I Kid You NOT, buy some TODAY

With the addition of zero-calorie peppered BaconSalt to my baked potato, I think I could have eaten several of them. You gotta getcha some of this stuff. Because, as they say over at BaconSalt headquarters, "Everything should taste like bacon."

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FSMOooers said...

Baconsalt is sooo good. I put it on everything. Haven't tried it on a baked potato yet, but I bet it's dreamy! Just made BaconSalt rock candy...mmmm http://iheartbaconsalt.supertucker.com